Bills “looking” at Jackson

Just days after the Philadelphia Eagles released WR DeSean Jackson on the same day that it was reported that he had ties to gang activities, which Jackson later denied, teams came a calling and the Buffalo Bills were one of them.  Other teams that have shown interest in the veteran receiver are the Oakland Raiders and the Washington Redskins.

The Bills are interested because he is one of the top receivers in the NFL but would the franchise be willing to put up with his off-field antics?  The fact that Jackson is used to the quick pace offense that the Bills are now turning to is  a huge plus.  On the negative side, is there a quarterback that will be able to deliver the ball to such a player?  Right now, no, there is not.  E.J. Manuel completed less than 60% of his passes in 2013 where as Oakland’s Matt Shaub completed 61.2 of his passes and Washington’s RGIII 60.1.  Add to that that Jackson is a “West Coast” guy and the odds are stacked against the Bills.  But it’s worth the look.


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Jon Bon Jovi interested in buying the Bills

Reports coming out of major news sources are declaring that Rocker Jon Bon Jovi is leading a team that will purchase the Buffalo Bills once Team Owner.  According to Mark Polincarz, a spokesman for Erie County, Bon Jovi is making all the right moves.

“Bon Jovi is apparently part of a group expressing interest in buying the team, but there’s been no contact between them and Erie County,” Polincarz said. “This is why it was important to get the 10-year lease in place.”

In the meantime, the Bills next face the Atlanta Falcons on December 1st. Great seats and tickets are still available.

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Bills looking to make history with Rookie QB at the helm

With injuries to Kevin Kolb and E.J. Martin coming off minor knee surgery, rookie quarterback and Washington State alum Jeff Tuel will be getting the start come opening day in the NFL.

To Tuel, it’s more of the same.  At Washington, he was only the second true freshman to start at quarterback. The other being Drew Bledsoe.

“That’s cool. Didn’t know that,” Tuel said when told of his start. “It’s pretty cool, it would definitely be an honor if that’s the case. I’m surprised that I’m the first if that’s the case, but like I said it’s a cool thing.”

The Bills won their first two preseason games but were whipped in week three by the Washington Redskins.  They take on the Detroit Lions at home. Tickets are still available!

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