Buffalo Bills – The Team

The Buffalo Bills were a charter member of the American Football Association, joining the NFL when the two leagues merged. They are the only team in the league to have won four consecutive AFC Championships and are also the only ones to move onto four consecutive Super Bowls, losing each.

Although one of three teams based in New York, the Bills are the only team that actually plays their home games in the state, with both the Jets and the Giants playing their home games in New Jersey. The Bills are also the only team that plays home games in Canada. One home game each year is held in Toronto as a result of a five year deal called the “Bills Toronto Series.”

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Buffalo Bills Tickets

We would like to help you Support the Buffalo Bills in person.  The place we would recommend checking out for to get those hard to get tickets is: Prime Tickets.  Yes everyone likes to see a winning team, but going to the game is really more about “BEING THERE”.  Did your parents ever take you to a live professional football game?  Did you ever take your kids?  You know there is nothing better than being there!

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New look Bills hope to improve by leaps and bounds

Head Coach Chan Gailey has a simple plan for this upcoming season. Find as many good players as you can and let them battle it out for a position.  If you win, you play.

“We made some good additions to our football team. We said at the end of the season, our biggest challenge was to improve our pass rush, and that’s what we have done to this point. We haven’t done it on the field, but at least we’ve done it on paper. We’re excited about that. And when you help your football team in one area, you help your football team – there’s a ripple effect in a lot of different areas. So help your team in a lot of ways.” – Coach Chan Gailey on Buffalo upgrading its pass rush with free agents Mario Williams and Mark Anderson.

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