Manuel speech fires up teammates

Running Back Fred Jackson admits he is “old” but that did not stop the 33-year old from averaging 7 carries for 61 yards which translates to an 8.7 yards per carry…pretty heady stuff until you get to his counterpart, Anthony Dixon who carried the ball five times for 60 yards or a 12.0 yards per carry in a 23-20 Overtime win.

Before the game, quarterback E.J. Manuel asked for the floor.

“He told (offensive coordinator Nathaniel) Hackett, ‘Hold on, I got something to say,'” wide receiver Robert Woods said of Manuel, per’s Mike Rodak. “And he stood up in front of the whole offense. Had everyone’s ears about five minutes. Shut the whole meeting down pretty much. There was nothing else that needed to be said after he spoke.”

His teammates went out and did the rest, taking a very good Bears team into overtime and eventually defeating them.  WR Robert Woods averaged 19.5 yards a catch on four receptions for 78 yards.  All in all, it was a good victory and start for the team.

“It’s so difficult to win on the road in this league, especially on opening day I think it’s even tougher,” Head Coach Doug Marrone said. “I’m proud of them. It was different, I’m not going to lie to you. It was different in that locker room before the game.”

The Bills open the season at home this weekend against the Miami Dolphins, who are coming off an upset victory over the New England Patriots.  Plenty of great seats and cheap tickets are still available.  Be sure to get yours now and cheer on your Buffalo Bills!



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