Bills romp in preseason opener

The Buffalo Bills came into the new season with a rookie head coach and with a pretty sizable  amount of rookie players who rolled the Indianapolis Colts for 451 offensive yards and 27 first downs.  The defense also did a number on the Colts who were only able to manage 288 total offensive yards.

“I told the guys before leaving the field, as a unit, we did really well,” rookie wide receiver Marquis Goodwin said. “We got a lot of things that we can work on, but the rookie class, we came in and we did what we were supposed to do. We did our job and as well as the vets. Everybody did their job and they made the Buffalo Bills organization look good out there.”

This week, veteran quarterback Kevin Kolb will get the start against the Minnesota Vikings even though rookie QB EJ Manuel did a very good job against the Colts.

“Just the one thing I hope everyone understands is not to read in to this because we were very, very happy with EJ (Manuel)’s performance in the first game,” Head Coach Doug Marrone said after making the announcement on Wednesday.

The Bills host the Vikings this Friday night. Tickets are still available!



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